The Art of Shaving

Easy-to-master design with a rounded edge assists in providing a safe and secure shave. Its smooth grip helps you easily get rid of overgrown facial hair. Rest your initial three fingers on the back of the blade, the last one on the blade’s tank and your thumb on the side of the blade, close to the center, for a perfect shaving experience.

Barber's Choice

The black matte finish over the stainless steel body helps deter rust for long-lasting performance

Classically Styled

Straight edge barber razor made of brass with chrome finish will provide a reliable smooth and silken shave every time

Premium Blades

You'll be having up to 200+ shaves with our 100 premium derby blades that will surely last

Premium Quality

It's made using the 430-Grade Japanese Stainless Steel construction that makes it rust-free and last longer.


Love this razor! I have wanted a straight razor for many years, but didn't want to make the initial investment. First a straight razor $$$, then initial sharpening, strop, stone and a place to put all of it. My wife wouldn't have let me use all the thing that come with one for bathroom decorations. the Bryerre professional razor, is ready to use and there is no maintenance. Just place a new very sharpened blade in and shave.
Do yourself a favour, you will not be sorry.

Ken G.

Let me say that I've recently been using this product learning how to straight shave. Does it work? Yes. Are there some frustrations I have with it? Yes. Is it an amazing bargain? Yes.

100 blades, at the rate of one shave per 3 days (with grain, across and against) Is right about a full calendar year. Which at the's unbeatable. Even if I bought a DOVO and strop I'd still probably be saving money compared to the modern quintuple razors. (Which I plan to when I have more...technique)

Bradley Thomas

Absolutely recommend this for a first time purchase or even someone just looking for a new razor.

I have had a beard for years, the hardest part of keeping it nice was the clean lines. I've debated for a while over getting my own straight razor, and started doing my research. After a few weeks of looking off and on, I came across this one and the reviews were enough to convince me to jump. The price wasn't to bad either, especially considering the extra 100ct out refills.

First impression with the razor was good. It feels like it was quality made and not rushed. The blades are a bit deceiving, though once they are locked in safely, they lose all sight of that flimsyness in hand. I was very impressed with it on all levels.

Syed Ali Abbas